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We know the feeling. You spend hours learning the 'best' strategies to trade.

BUY and SELL Alerts That Make Money

Ever Wanted To Earn An Income Trading Without Worrying About Picking The Right Stocks?

The reality is that being successful is a lot harder than it seems. It simply isn't as easy as following some basic trading advice and becoming a million dollar trader. Join over 3000+ other traders who profit by copying our stock alerts. We made over 227% in 2017 with 90% winning trades!

  • Be Aware About Instant MARKET Support
  • We Maintain Profitable Accuracy
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Service Include

Techno-Funda Calls

We will pick stocks that have the potential to give atleast 30-50% return in a year if not more. The size of the opportunity is one thing that we never compromise on. Any return possibility below 30-50% in a year won’t make it to recommendations.

Daily Market Update

Daily updates that focus on broad US and overseas market activity and key economic releases.

24/7 Customer support

Our customer support department is working rigorously (day and night) to help you out.

The Benefits

This service provides the Positional calls short to long term with high target and low risk. Technical and Fundamental analysis is rendered to the clients so that they can be updated about the status of trends involved in the stock.

  • Get upto 3 Positional Calls in a month
  • We don’t care if it small or large cap stock, we look for stocks with big growth triggers in short to medium term and invest in those whenever they trade cheap
  • We will go after companies and not sectors. Any opportunity that comes to our way from any given sector may be recommended

Truly ideal service for Investors. We will ensure we have enough margin of safety build into our recommended price so that we reduce our risk as much as possible.

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  • Half Yearly
  • 399/Half yearly
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